1. I participated in a group show “Nothing Serious”. It was just so much fun to meet my friends and other people. And the five pieces of my pineapple drawings had a good start at the party. 


  2. two illustrations for July issue of ELLE magazine. 

    (beauty column & Daniel Tudor’s column.)


  3. Since I’v moved back to Korea, I barely had a chance to post or follow any news. Now I can follow people’s news and post whatever good stuff I have.

    Anyway this book I did a while ago arrived at my home last month. yeah!  this job was so much fun!


  4. I did the first illustration for Daniel Tudor’s column of ELLE Korea.

    Plus, I was featured in this issue as a contributor as well. I feel pretty good~! It is ELLE!


  5. I had a lot of fun to do this project last months. 

    The article was something about the world of the deep-sea.


  6. A week later there was MOCCA coming up. I couldn't bring any new work though, it was good to see my classmates and so many people.

    My trip to Las Vegas (including Arizona and Utah) was full of beautiful memories. Time went really fast . 

    Now I am getting back to work and preparing Brooklyn Comic Festival.


  7. I made this image for a book last month.

    It ended up being used as a cover, so it came out really different from the initial layout, but is was fun anyway.


  8. Here are the assignments I did last month for Cultural Magazine in Korea. Somehow I had to do two issues of the magazine in two weeks.

    I was given pretty short time though, it was a fun project.


  9. lizzysouth:

    Me when I overestimate how much someone like

    super adorable„„

    (Source: a-girl-and-her-leopard, via suzukichiyo)


  10. I was interviewed for February issue of PAPER last month. This time I was able to talk about more personal stuff including my artistic vision and skill.

    PAPER was one of my favorite magazines in Korea, which made me a bit more happy to be part of it and to see my name in it. yeah„„„

    여하튼 하던 일이나 하자….