1. I had a lot of fun to do this project last months. 

    The article was something about the world of the deep-sea.


  2. A week later there was MOCCA coming up. I couldn't bring any new work though, it was good to see my classmates and so many people.

    My trip to Las Vegas (including Arizona and Utah) was full of beautiful memories. Time went really fast . 

    Now I am getting back to work and preparing Brooklyn Comic Festival.


  3. I made this image for a book last month.

    It ended up being used as a cover, so it came out really different from the initial layout, but is was fun anyway.


  4. Here are the assignments I did last month for Cultural Magazine in Korea. Somehow I had to do two issues of the magazine in two weeks.

    I was given pretty short time though, it was a fun project.


  5. lizzysouth:

    Me when I overestimate how much someone like

    super adorable„„

    (Source: a-girl-and-her-leopard, via suzukichiyo)


  6. I was interviewed for February issue of PAPER last month. This time I was able to talk about more personal stuff including my artistic vision and skill.

    PAPER was one of my favorite magazines in Korea, which made me a bit more happy to be part of it and to see my name in it. yeah„„„

    여하튼 하던 일이나 하자…. 


  7. my 6th small illustration for Reading Newspaper. This one for Valentine’s day. Reading certain books can boost relationship or love?


  8. I went to moma ps1 to see Mike Kelley’s largest exhibition including over 250 works. There were so many cool stuff. 

    Plus, Suggested donation admission applies Monday all day, and Saturday and Sunday Noon—1:00 PM.

    So Cool!


  9. Seajong Cultural Magazine came out! I did a cover illustration and inside illustration as well. 

    세종 문화 잡지가 나왔다.

    늘, 느끼지만 일이라는것이 있을때, 더러는 몰려있을때, 많이 힘들어 부치고, 오히려 예전을 잊는가 싶다,그러다가 끝나면 다시 돌아보고, 내가 어떠했는지, 보게 되는 것 같다. 


  10. The book, “What should I wear?” I did 4months ago just arrived my home in Korea. This book introduces many things about clothes to kid. 

    As much as I bumped into some disturbing thoughts and style-wise, there were so many things I learned. Anyway what is done is done, I am happy to see it real.